Intelligent Solutions for Oil and Gas

Digital, Smart, Intelligent

Let engineers perform. Let engineers excel.

Great performance requires making judgements and decisions with imperfect information, in an uncertain environment, interacting with people, seeking information. We let you practice improving speed and tempo of decision-making. We can focus your information needs on critical issues reducing data collection time, make navigation intuitive and provide convenient tools for analytic work.

Effective field management and development is based on monitoring key performance indicators at predefined time step. At the same time it is recognized through the industry that there might be a gap between engineering work and real-time decision making process in well and reservoir management. The key is to provide an engineer right data in proper format and in time. The goal is to spend 20-10% of your time for data preparation and the rest is for your engineering work.

Web based user interface for reaching the data seems to be the most friendly and widely used today. One would only need a web browser. It is simple to use and navigate.

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