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REPOS (Reservoir Engineering Production Optimization System)

REPOS is online data platform with multiple tools for engineers. It is specifically tailored for petroleum industry and provides one IT 'space' for operator with its own storage place and security access system. 

Here is what can be available in REPOS:

  • Log data
  • Core analysis data
  • Log data interpretation
  • Geologic cross sections
  • PVT data
  • Well status, well production reports
  • Real-time, daily and monthly production data
  • Well stock reports
  • Perforation data
  • Workover history
  • Well test data etc.

No additional software required at user side except modern web browsers. Data analysis and decision-making was never easy as it can be now. Workover history review, productivity index calculation, log plot review, ESP design, waterflood analysis and many other things you access online.

Reservoir Simulation Tools

RSOffice offers set of unique tools for history matching and waterflood optimization

  • Streamline calculation and visualization
  • Interwell connection analysis based on streamlines
  • Well impact calculation
  • Calculation of 'drained' area/volume
  • Injection well efficiency calculation

Interactive editing of relative phase permeability and analytical waterflood calculation.Import and export of well-known formats: Eclipse, 3DSL, VIP, MORE

Reservoir Simulation Services

Model building, initialization, history matching and forecasting.

Petroleum Engineering Tools (PET)

A set of online tools that allows engineer quick access to design tools. A big plus is that user only needs modern web browser. These tools can also be a separate modules in REPOS system. A few examples of PET tools can be:

  • WebSim - reservoir simulation online for academia and schools
  • Well pressure gradient calculator and viewer
  • Nodal analysis for naturally flowing well
  • ESP pump design
  • Beam pump design
  • Gas separator design for ESP pump 

Please let us know if you are interested in Modeltech products. We can give you presentation and live demo onsite or using webinar about REPOS, RSOffice and Web Dashboards. Ask about sandbox and trial versions. You can contact us filling the form here.