REPOS (Reservoir Engineering Production Optimization System) is engineering information portal. It provides oil company wide web based environment for production engineers and management

REPOS (Reservoir Engineering Production Optimization System) is fully integrated, secure, web-based engineering solution for oil and gas industry. It provides engineers with suite of online tools to make reservoir study, analysis and optimization in quick and inexpensive manner

The portal provides an online access to the following field data:

  • Well Logs
  • Core analysis
  • Topographic and geologic maps
  • Reservoir Engineering maps
    • Bubble Pie maps
    • Block/Pattern indicator maps
    • Streamline maps
  • Geologic cross-sections
  • Correlation schemes
  • PVT data
  • Daily and monthly production data
  • Well history and well info
  • Workover history
  • Well test data

REPOS allows an engineer w/o software to be effective in time, decision-making and taking actions. One can go from field indicators and alarms down to well log, well history, current well production figures and workover status.

REPOS lets anyone who is authorized to connect to the newtwork and make an engineering study, analysis, evaluation etc. A team can be in preparation to waterflood review each quarter. Each team member can access customized indicators, tables, graphs, diagrams and be ready in time.

Some of field personnel enter workover data, updates on their smartphones then others access standardized daily indicators, alarms, field reports to be prepared before morning meeting starts.


REPOS modules

Production monitoring

  • Daily and real-time production
  • Producer well surveillance
  • Water/gas injector surveillance
  • Monthly production and sales report
  • Well workover updates
  • Well stock report


  • Well status and workover history
  • Well measurement (pressure, temperature) history
  • Artificial lift history

Geology and Reservoir Engineering

  • Well logs
  • Waterflood management
  • Geology and Reservoir Engineering maps
  • Maps and cross sections of simulated properties
  • Well test data
  • PVT data
  • Reservoir and waterflood review dashboards
  • Production forecast


  • Reserves
  • License agreements

Other modules

  • Document center
  • Dashboard and key factors
  • Drilling
  • Surface Facilities
  • Field and workover team performance 

Available configurations

REPOS ALPS - Production optimization

REPOS WF - Waterflood management

REPOS Monitoring - Reservoir analysis and monitoring

REPOS Management - Licensing and documentation 


Production monitoring

Daily reports

  • "Chess" report
  • "9 plot" report
  • Production deviation (plan vs. actual) analysis

Producer well monitoring

  • Producer well alarms
  • Production deviation analysis (plan vs. actual)
  • Real-time monitoring and field management
  • Well optimization planning
  • “Red” or out of operation range wells

Injector well monitoring

  • Injector well alarms
  • Injection plan deviation analysis
  • Injection optimization planning
  • Injection split analysis 

Monthly production reports

  • Reported production, injection and sale reports
  • Generating official reports for authorities

Well status reports

  • Generating injector and producer well reports
  • Calculation of potential incremental production
  • Calculation of optimal well parameters
  • “Plan” vs. Actual” analysis

Well stock

  • Report of well status changes
  • Report of shut-ins and startups
  • Potential reasons of well status changes



  • Module suite for well data visualization, current and historical info, well statuses and workovers
  • Module for ESP (Electrical Submersible Pump) optimal design to reach target rate and bottom hole pressure


  • Online update of completed and planned workover activity
  • Evaluation and statistics of workover efficiencies

Well information

  • Well completion and its elements
  • Online diagram
  • Deviation survey data and visualization
  • Final and historical diagrams

Artificial lift database

  • Current and historical pump status
  • Pump procurement
  • Pump commissioning
  • Average pump life, failure statistics
  • Pump catalogue
  • Express design of ESP 


Geology and Reservoir Engineering

A set of modules to work with geological and reservoir engineering data

Well test data

PVT data


  • Reservoir Engineering maps with various geology and information layers
  • Geologic cross sections
  • Mapping and contouring

Well and field block notes

Logging and petrophysical evaluation

  • Online log plot (log plot and interpretation)
  • Scanned log plots 
  • Tabulated results of interpretation

Well Test Data

Waterflood Management (Pattern Management)

  • Pattern analysis
  • Pattern reports, matrices, alarms
  • Pattern maps
  • Key indicators
  • Waterflood diagnostic plots
  • Pattern injection efficiency
  • Customized reservoir engineering maps
  • Streamlines
  • Pattern analysis based on simulation results
  • Pattern forecast and typical curves

Production forecast

  • Midterm field forecast (Base oil plus incremental activities)

Licenses, Leases

Reserves and license agreement monitoring


  • Detailed reservoir unit properties
  • PVT of reservoir fluids
  • Yearly production figures
  • End of year reserves and reserves changes

Reserves analytical modules

Other modules

Document center

  • Loading and archiving of documents, viewing and saving
  • Searching by keywords

Key parameters

  • Customized dashboards and visuals of key parameters


  • Drilling plan and schedule
  • Drilling reports
  • Drilling trajectories actual vs. planned

Surface Facilities

  • Surface facility catalogue
  • Map of surface facility and pipelines
  • Pipeline and surface facility monitoring
  • Modeling and re-engineering

Field and workover team performance

  • Workover team performance index report
  • Schedule of workover jobs
  • Team rating

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