Interactive and friendly user interface. Light and simple simulation scripting language. Import, view, edit and run or post-process  your simulation model. Generate your patterns. Inexpensive in time history match process

RSOffice Simulation Package is the software for initialization and analysis of input data, building and editing the model, calculation and simulation, review and analysis of simulation results. RSOffice offers a package of unique tools for history matching and waterflood optimization

  • Streamline calculation and visualization
  • Interwell connection analysis based on streamlines
  • Well impact calculation
  • Calculation of 'drained' area/volume
  • Injection well efficiency calculation

Interactive editing of relative phase permeability and analytical waterflood calculation.

Import and export of well-known formats: Eclipse, 3DSL, VIP, MORE

Key benefits

  • Customized maps:
    • Remaining oil column
    • Weighted average pressure
    • Heterogeneity factor
  • Analytical tools
    • Perforation history
    • Productivity Index change analysis
    • Instant inflow rate profile
    • Cumulative inflow rate profile
    • Error and variation mapping
    • History adaptation
  • Statistical analysis
    • Raw data (logs, geology info)
    • Static model properties
    • Simulation model
  • Integration with Petrel, REPOS
    • Raw data (cubes, maps, etc)
    • Historical and simulated data

RSOffice(RSO) features

  • DataStore - data input preparation
    • Input data load: cubes, contours and well data
    • Eclipse and RSO data import and editing
    • GGWizard master for input data load
    • Input data conversion and update
  • Simulation Model - data input editing
    • RSO, Eclipse, 3DSL, VIP simulation model data formats
    • 2D and 3D, table, chart and grid section visualization
    • PVT input data editor
    • Relperm data and correlation editor
    • Initial conditions(EQUIL, PRESSURE, SWAT, SOIL) editor
    • Well status editor
  •  Simulation Model - simulation result analysis
    • Property and streamline visualization
    • Calculating from 3D to 2D properties
    • Drainage and well connection maps
    • Production plots and charts
    • History matching
      • Error/deviation maps
      • Injector efficiency
      • Drainage efficiency
      • Connectivity data
    • Simulation on internal and external engines
  • Simulation Model extra features
    • Waterflood pattern builder
    • Well event editor
    • Forecast master
    • Report master
    • Fracture model master
    • STOIIP and reserves calculator
    • Radial inflow calculator
    • Porosity and perm cube property pseudo logs
    • Report table generator for authorities
  • Compare - simulation result comparison
    • Comparing simulated properties of 2 models 

Customized masters and additional tools

There is a set of extra tools in addition to standard RSO interface:

  • GG-Master
    •  Initial data set load
  • Pattern waterflood builderhe
    • 5-spot, 7-spot, 9-spot and line drive patterns
  • Hydraulic fracture model builder
  • Forecasting master
  • Report export master
  • Well event editor
    • Bottom hole pressure (BHP)
    • Liquid rate
    • Well status, shut-in/startup
    • Well type
  • Reserves calculation
    • Field wide, based on regions, reservoirs
  • Radial inflow calculation
    • Radial well inflow calculation for all time steps
  • Poro/Perm calculation
    • Exporting pseudo logs of poro/perm
  • Statistics
    •   Report generator for officials and authorities

Please let us know if you are interested in Modeltech products. We can give you presentation and live demo onsite or using webinar about REPOS, RSOffice and Web Dashboards. Ask about sandbox and trial versions. You can contact us filling the form here.