Real-time indicators, alarms, traffic lights, KPIs for anyone from field operator to shareholder. Get your field data in time. Make decision in time.

Web Dashboard product consists of many real-time dashboard and control room tools that visualize the data in most user-friendly way. Dashboards help companies to focus on opportunities and execution.

These real-time tools are often used by production technologists, field operators, drilling engineers, onsite geologists and many other specialists who continuously use surveillance data for analysis and field optimization. 

Field, reservoir and well surveillance is ongoing process of measuring and monitoring flow rate, wellhead and downhole pressures, ESP motor temperature etc. according to schedule set by operator. These observations must be collected and conventional management tools comprised of multiple spreadsheets, graphs and maps have to be updated.  

In many companies there is a number of business planning activities like yearly business plan, mid-term and daily forecasts. As with any other engineering exercise a specialist needs to identify any performance gaps. What is current production? What was planned? What is production potential? What field activities has to be performed to reach the plan or to be close to potential? These performance gaps have to be 'highlighted in one way or another' on the dashboard.

These Web Dashboards are designed for execution oriented company that facilitates and supports decision-making and generating action list, the company that ensures those actions are implemented.

We help companies to focus on opportunities and execution. The major execution activity of any operator is maximizing well and reservoir performance by identifying and closing performance gaps. We help companies to make this job much easier. 

Please let us know if you are interested in Modeltech products. We can give you presentation and live demo onsite or using webinar about REPOS, RSOffice and Web Dashboards. Ask about sandbox and trial versions. You can contact us filling the form here.